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Why do girls like pink

Why do girls like pink

Generally it is believed that girls like pink color and boys prefer blue color over others. But if one closely examines this concept (or misconception!), one realizes that it is not true. It is not that girls are genetically programmed to like pink. Then why this mass belief that girls like pink?

Actually all this is a market gimmick which has been so strongly reinforced on our mindsets through aggressive marketing of products that we have begun to belief that girls like pink and boys like blue. Think of the instances, when your friends and family members began to decorate the room of the baby girl in pink colors the moments she was born. Her cupboard was full of pink clothes and even her toiletries came packed in pink color.

The poor girl actually stepped in a world where it was customized in a way that she was left with no choice but pink color. Obviously she was made to believe that pink color symbolizes femininity, sophistication and beauty and being a girl she should be attributed with all these traits.

Such stereotyping and conditioning makes girls believe that they have to like pink color. A recent research conducted by Time magazine shows that girls do not like pink color instinctively. The research rather suggested that all people irrespective of their gender like color blue. Of course the choice of shades varied among men and women. Women preferred more of reddish – purple shades of blue while boys preferred blue-green shades. The researchers have further mentioned that the difference in the choice of hues has their origin in gender specific tasks men and women have been doing since time immemorial. Men used to go out, hunt and earn bread for family while women used to go to jungle for hunting various fruits and vegetables for making meals of the family.

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