Why do girls wear bra


Girls wear bra for a number of reasons.  Some women wear them because they have seen their mothers wearing that tiny piece of cloth underneath their clothes and hence they think it is important for them to wear the bra. While other wears them because they believe that bra gives support to breasts and prevents them from sagging. Some girls wear bra because they feel conscious of their growing breasts in the adolescent years and wearing a bra kind of hides the breasts from showing. Some women find bra an integral part of their wardrobe because it enhances their natural beauty and gives them a shapelier and firm contour.

Now, wearing bra out of habit is one thing but wearing bra out of the belief that it supports breasts is questionable. Researchers have not suggested anything concrete so far as bra’s supportive role is concerned. Women with big breasts may find it comfortable to wear bra as it helps them staying ‘in control’ of their body and they can easily move around with their breasts staying firm in place without causing them disturbance. In the absence of support big breasted, women may experience pain and hence wearing bra for them seems to be a necessity.

Rest of the women wear them out of habit and because bra has become a sexy piece of clothing associated with femininity and sophistication. In fact, some researchers have found that women who wear bras all the time are 13% more times at risk of breast cancer than those women who take them off for 12 hours a day. It happens because bras exert enough pressure to the lymph and surrounding areas that they inhibit the flow of blood and resultantly toxins begin to build up leading to breast cancer.

Wearing right size of bra is very important and taking off bra while relaxing is the best way to avoid cancer caused by tight bras.