Why do people cheat upon each other?

Why do people cheat

Cheating upon friends, spouses or boyfriend/girlfriend is not a new phenomenon. We have heard several anecdotes about how a husband cheated upon wife or how a girlfriend cheated his honest and sincere boyfriend when he was out of town. The question is that why do people cheat upon each other? There can be several reasons behind the same.

Some people cheat even when they are comfortably placed in a happy relationship. People tend to get attracted to opposite sex when opportunity arises. Initially it begins as simple fun and then graduates to serious flirting, ruining their relationship with their spouse. One needs to be very honest when cupid strikes in committed relationships. Be brutally honest with yourself and remind yourself than you are as much committed to someone as much someone else is committed to you.

Sometimes, girls or boys cheat upon each other when they do not find their relationship fulfilling. It may arise due to incompatibility at some level. The difference of opinion on money matters, lifestyle, etc. can create quite a rift and can make one tempted to cheat upon other.

Sometimes, people cheat when they are not committed since beginning of their relationship. It happens when in their excitement people begin to misunderstand their attraction towards opposite sex as love and hastily commit to each other. Once the excitement dissolves, they realize they are not made for each other. This realization leads to exploring other people around making way for cheating.

Sometimes, people cheat their partners when they feel dissatisfied sexually. Sex is not the only thing in a long term relationship but is certainly a big thing worthy of attention. When people do not feel satisfied sexually (which generally comes with emotional compatibility) they begin to cheat upon their partners.