Why do parents abuse children

Why do parents abuse children

Child abuse is a serious problem and affects millions of children world over. Child abuse involves physical violence, verbal and emotional abuse and neglect. All these negative things affect a baby’s mental makeup badly and do not let the children flourish to their optimum. Child abuse by parents themselves is probably the biggest crime against children because here the perpetrators are their own parents, who are supposed to protect them from all evil things and nourish them to cherish best things of life.

Parents who as children have themselves experienced abuse or maltreatment are more likely to abuse their children because that is what they saw in their growing years and learnt a wrong model of family through their experience.

Sometimes, when the adults grew up in a very harsh environment where discipline was more important than other things than also they are likely to grow into abusive parents.

Sometimes, teens and immature people become parents. These young people are not aware about the kind of care, attention, energy and patience required for bringing up children and hence they become increasingly frustrated and begin to abuse their children. That is why it is very important to bring babies to world when one is physically and emotionally ready to sacrifice material comforts for baby’s well being.

Sometimes, when parents are all alone, especially mothers who do not have any support system in the times of crisis are more prone to abuse their children. Continuous attention towards children makes the parents too tired and in absence of any support at the time of illness or some other crisis these people lose their self control and begin to abuse children.

Sometimes, alcohol and drug abuse also leads to child abuse because people who are addicted to substance abuse do not have the required self restraint to raise the kids and tend to lose their temper fast, resulting in child abuse.