Why do parrots talk

Why do parrots talk

Being one of the most fascinating birds of the animal kingdom, parrots manage to enchant their viewers. They are fun loving, chirpy and attractive. So, human beings keep parrots in their homes as they are full time entertainer.

Of all the abilities of parrots, the one which gets noticed frequently is their ability to talk. In fact, parrots can imitate different sounds from different sources. They are quite comfortable in imitating human voice too. With closed eyes, one cannot easily differentiate a syllable uttered by the parrot and by a human being.

The interesting thing about parrots is that they do not have vocal cords like us. They just manage to imitate us by controlling the muscles of their throat to direct the flow of air in such a fashion that it reproduces various sounds and tunes.

Parrots do not have intellect. It is just that they are bestowed with such abilities that they can imitate different sounds. Talking with a parrot is just like talking with a tape wherein it will reproduce only those things which are already recorded. You cannot strike a conversation with a parrot.  A parrot begins to learn that if it imitates something it will get what it desires.

Those parrots which are raised in captivity seem to mimic human sounds because they want to be accepted in the family. When a parrot mimics human sounds, it obviously gets more attention and appreciation and that is what a social bird like parrot precisely seeks in captivity.