Why do I need an iPad

Why do I need an iPad

In today’s internet era, new technology is spreading like wildfire mainly in the form of Smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. Every day you will find a new phone, laptop or tablet out there in the market and almost majority of tech lovers own at least two pieces of technology. Today cell phones come with calling, camera and internet facilities and for watching movies, playing games, educational purposes and other corporate reasons you can have a laptop. But there is one more device you can keep, a tablet and what’s better than the sleek and stylish Apple iPad. If you are contemplating whether or not you need it, here is what you should know.

Your iPad is always not like your laptop which takes time to turn on. You can check your email, play games, make your presentation or do some quick changes in your work without wasting any time to boot up the device.

iPad doesn’t take more than 15 seconds to boot up and it hardly takes 4 seconds to turn on from sleep mode, while in the case of laptop or PC it take around 2-3 minutes to turn on. So, by using iPad no more “Boot up delay” issue like laptops or PCs.

The best feature of an iPad is portability. Yes, carry it everywhere you go! You cannot do the same thing with your laptops as they are heavy and quite burdensome. You can use iPad while you are travelling and put it in your backpack or briefcase as it weigh a lot less than laptop. You can also use iPad while you are standing or walking.

One other spectacular feature about iPad is it can stay charged up to 10 hours but with laptop the charge last only for 3 hours max. So, there is more than one reason for you to have your iPad!