Why do kids bite

Why do kids bite

Biting is quite common among toddlers. Of late, if your child has been biting quite frequently and it makes people raise their eyebrows then it is important for you to understand as to why do kids bite? Basically kids bite when they want to cope with a challenge or want their needs to be fulfilled.

Children bite because they see biting as a substitute for the lack of language. Since they can’t express their emotions and strong feelings through language, they express it through biting. Many children bite when they are angry or frustrated or hungry and want an immediate response from you.

Sometimes children begin to bite when they are disturbed by the surroundings and want their own peaceful space. When children get overwhelmed with sharp noises, bright lights and do not like this distraction, they begin to bite.

At times kids bite only because they are curious enough to know what will be the people’s response upon their bite. They are exploring the world around and in that process they try to explore about people’s responses and emotions too.

When kids are over tired, they express their displeasure by biting. The child may want to sleep but if you are carrying her in your lap in the market, it is very natural for the child to bite you and show you her disapproval.

When the process of teething begins, the gums of the child get swollen and painful. Biting hard things provides them relief. Once the child discovers this secret she begins to bite as and when she can in order to get some relief from the nagging pain. Do not be angry with the child when the teething process is on; rather give her some teether or cold wash cloth to bite.

Never be mad on your kid when she bites, rather tell her in non judgmental manner that it is not right and she should not hurt people. Do not label the child as ‘biter’ as it can further aggravate her behavior.