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Why do kids nose bleed

Why do kids nose bleed

Often while playing, kids tend to nosebleed and they come running to you frightened by the sight of blood and considering it something seriously wrong with their bodies. For a moment you may begin to feel jittery seeing your child crying and bleeding. Do not panic. Most of the times it is not harmful and will stop in some time.

Nosebleeds happen in kids quite frequently because they have softer skin as compared to adults and they tend to pick their nose hard, blow it fast or get it knocked while playing. All these sudden strokes may rupture the small veins in the lining of the nose resulting in nose bleeds. Sometimes, kids insert some foreign objects in their nose causing rupture of the veins in the lining leading to nosebleeds.

If your child is panicking at the sight of nosebleed, it is very important for you to stay calm and composed. Reassure the child that you are with her and soon the bleeding will stop. Gently pinch the lower part of the nose of the child with your thumb and index finger. It will help in stopping the bleed. Alternatively ask the child to look up for sometime till the bleeding stops. Rather than making the child lie while bleeding, make him sit. This will help in stopping the bleeding fast. If the bleeding continues for more than 15 minutes then it may be a sign of some problem and the child must be taken to the doctor.

Some children bleed more than others simply because their veins are placed quite close to their mucous membranes and hence when they pick or blow their noses, the veins get punctured and blood begins to ooze out. There is nothing serious about it. Somehow, if the nosebleeds are quite frequent then consulting with your pediatrician is important in order to rule out any other health problem.

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