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Why do kids talk in their sleep

Why do kids talk in their sleep

Nattering during the sleep is quite common among kids as well as adults. In medical parlance it is known as somniloquy.  You may feel upset when you find your child talking clearly in his/her sleep and may wonder whether this is some kind of disorder. To begin with, be assured that this is not any kind of medical problem. Talking while sleep is a disorder called parasomnia.

Though, the exact causes of sleep talking are not known. But parasomnia generally runs in family and children of parasomniac parents are more likely to be parasomniac. Some children talk quite clearly while some others merely mumble. And some children talk more frequently than others. Experts do not see it as any kind of psychological or mental problem. Children’s minds are not fully developed and hence they do not go into REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep fully. One cannot do much about it.

If your child seems upset while talking in her sleep, the best you can do is to go and comfort her. If your child is simply talking then let her do so without interrupting. The episode will not last more than a couple of minutes. You should never wake up your child while he/she is talking in sleep, and do not label your child. It may affect his/her confidence. Try to fix a schedule for his/her sleeping and waking up.

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