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Why do kids stutter

Why do kids stutter

Stuttering among kids can be a difficult challenge for both parents and the children. But before worrying about your kid’s stuttering issues you should know about the reasons it happens. Very little kids learn to talk by hearing. Some are fast learners and pick up words easily but some learn slowly. There is nothing abnormal about it as the capacity of learning is not equal in every kid. There is a stretch of time when kids slowly start uttering words that they have picked up. At this stage of development they may stutter because speaking in a certain language is a new experience they are getting accustomed with.

If your kid stutters only a few times or occasionally then you need not worry about it but if your kid’s stutter persists then it might be a cause of worry.  The exact reason that makes a kid stutter has not been found but it may be caused by a little fault in the portion of brain which is responsible for forming speech.  Three to five percent children suffer from stuttering. Children repeat some sounds or halt while speaking or hesitate with some pronunciations because they are going through the learning phase. With time most kids get over the stuttering.

Children also stutter due to stress. Emotional stress is something which makes children vulnerable and insecure. Long and intense exposure to emotional distress may make kids stutter. Sometimes kids find it difficult to tackle the circumstances they have to put up with. When a shy kid goes to school first he/she feels very out of place and scared. Problems at home can also make children prone to stuttering. Research shows that some kids stutter due to their genetic structure. If one of the parents stutters then chances are high that the kid will also stutter.

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