Why do men cheat

Why do men cheat

A slew of reasons may contribute to men’s infidelity in a relationship. Men cheat because they crave for complete satisfaction: emotional, psychological, and amorous in most cases, in their lives. If they don’t get it inside the marriage or a relationship, they go out to seek the same. Let’s try to find out what motivates men to cheat their better halves:


While some cheat to avoid intimacy, some do it because they had been unable to find that intimacy with their wife. In the first case, men scare intimacy and accordingly, they move out of a relationship and get into a less demanding and unfaithful extra-marital or a second affair with someone else. However, in the second case, men find that their wife or girlfriend does not need them or their intimacy anymore. So, they are left with no other option than to seek intimacy outside their relation.


Attributing to their authoritative, demanding or just self-centered attitude, men want to have full control and power in their relationship. If their wife or girlfriend doesn’t adhere to their control or authority, they cheat them to fulfill their sense of authority.

Lack of Willpower

Lack of willpower to say no or the ostentatious masculinity – you’re so handsome and a real man – that motivates them to accept a sex invitation readily is a good enough reason to force them to reveal their weakness. While some are men enough to stick to their values, the weaker lot can’t afford to pass up any such opportunities.

Compulsive repeaters

Well, if she can’t spot your infidelity when you did it first time, chances are that you will repeat it over and over again. It’s like a license with a condition that if she can’t recognize it, you are free to follow your mind. Such repeat offenders, thus, don’t care about anyone but themselves alone.

The Evolution of Desire

Though it might offend most out there, allow me to reveal a biological factor that drives men to go outside their marriages or relations. According to David Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, men (in general) “have evolved the desire to be with different women.” They’re biologically programmed to mate with many women in their lives for the simple reason that it takes literally nothing for men to reproduce and create as many offspring as possible. It’s just one act of sex for men, while it means nine months of pregnancy for women.

Variety mixed with fidelity

Now it might sound a bit ridiculously lame, but most men cheat their wives despite loving them fully. For them, extramarital relationships are nothing but a way to include variety into their lives. Since they can’t get that variety with their wife or girlfriend but still love them, they cheat them while still being contended with their current relationship.