Why do we ask questions


Human beings just can’t live without asking questions. The natural phenomenon of asking questions starts at an early age and these questions never end unit a person dies. When we ask questions, we are seeking information that helps us in one way or the other. Humans normally need information to plan things, seek solutions to our problems or to know about something that is unknown to them. That’s why we ask questions.

At times, we simply ask questions to start a conversation with someone. Every one of us experiences “why”, what”, “when”, “where” and “wow” every day in our lives. Sometimes, we simply ask questions to make us feel better in tough times. To understand the concept of questioning better, you may also refer to the Socratic Method, named after the famous Greek philosopher Socrates. The Socratic method is a type of inquiry and debate between individuals who ask and answer questions to stimulate critical thinking.

Disciplined questions can help a person explore intricate ideas, open up issues, uncover truth, analyze things or simply control a discussion. Questioning opens doors to a never-ending learning process. Humans ask questions to seek explanations and keep learning throughout their lives.