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Why do men indulge in multiple affairs

Why do men indulge in multiple affairs

Affairs are complicated and more complicated are the reasons why men indulge in affairs. Cheating in a relationship and having affairs going on at the side is very common phenomenon for both men and women. There are multiple reasons that instigate a man to start an affair. The first and most vital is that they want adventure and thrill. Think about it, the first three four months of your relationship were the most memorable. The sneaking around, the playful dates and the attempts of impressing your partner, all this makes a man feel more alive. Most men do not get seriously involved with a girl they are having an affair with and will not dream of leaving their family for her.

The reason why sneaky affairs are so popular is the fact that there is no responsibility of any sort attached with it. The affairs based on physicality are frivolous and both partners are free to do as they please. When a man gets emotionally involved in an affair they are more likely to break up with their girlfriend or end the previous relationship. Men seek the companionship of another woman when they do not get complete satisfaction from their own relationship.

We all need emotional fulfillment and sexual gratification and for many of us both go hand-in-hand. If a man loses attraction for his wife he doesn’t rush out to have an affair but over time a longing develops in him for better feminine companionship. Some people are genetically programmed to be unfaithful and infidel. They cannot commit completely and they will never be able to emotionally connect with their partner on a deeper level. This type of men has affairs because they are insecure and they need to feel that they are in demand. Mid-life crisis also makes men get involved in an affair as they are threatened by old age and want to enjoy their sexual potency as long as they can.

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