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Why do we need government

Why do we need government

Governance is crucial for every organization, may it be a company or a country. Without a government there will be only anarchy. The fundamental reason why we need a government is that we need to maintain law and order for keeping the society stable. No society can prosper without stability. There are many forms of governments and which one works for a particular country is a matter of in depth discussion but we cannot neglect the importance of government. Government is created by humans for humans. Every country has a government that is responsible for running the country and maintains its different aspects.

According to the theory of natural rights every human being has some birth rights which are integral for his/her development and growth like food, job, freedom of thought and expression to name a few. The government is essential for making sure that someone’s birth rights are not snatched away from him/her. Law and order cannot be enforced if there is no superior protective power which controls them. Governments originated from the concept of personal gain and at first in most countries the government was autocratic but now days the democratic government has replaced autocratic and bureaucratic government in most of the countries.

Government is also a result of traditions and the belief that the commoners have to be ruled by people who has received power from the God himself. Government is needed to ensure safety for the citizens. Without a government there will be no authority to which oppressed individuals can turn to for help. Security is an attribute of social life and without a government a society will become fragile and the crime rates will increase. It is true that we feel dissatisfied with our government but we cannot deny its relevance.

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