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Why do people love or hate you

Why do people love or hate you

All through our life, we meet several people. With some people we instantly hit the chord, the moment we meet them and with others we take time to familiarize, while with some people we just don’t feel comfortable. And, there are a few for whom we develop love or dislike over a period of time.

The reason behind this love or hate is the fact that no two human beings are alike. People begin to like each other either because they share same hobbies, passion and temperament or because they have discovered something of their interest in the other person. On the other hand, if two people have different outlook, have different temperaments or have opposite perspective for life, they may not like each other. If people compete with each other for things of their interest then they may begin to hate each other as well. While, at times opposites attract and people of different nature begin to love each other.

Members of a family – parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunts – generally love each other because of their common interests, whereas people with competing interests do not like each other.

The bottom line is that people do not love you or hate you; they simply love or hate something related to you, which they find either good or bad. This is the reason that we often find two close friends fighting and disliking each other. It happens because over a period of time, they begin to know each other well and do not like few of each other’s traits. Likewise, in a relationship, partners also tend to dislike each other and hence move on. It happens because there was something in their partner which they wanted or liked earlier but later on they began to dislike it or they did not feel the need for the same.

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