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Why do bulls charge at red

Why do bulls charge at red

Red is said to be the color that makes the bull angry. The general belief is that if a person goes in front of a bull wearing the color red, the bull will attack them with great gusto, irritated by the red color. It evokes questions in our mind why a usually calm animal gets angry whenever it sees red. There are many stories regarding this but sifting truth from them is up to us. In the Spanish bullfights the matadors use red cloth for aggravating the bull. Many of you have seen how the bull charges at the matador when he waves the red cloth in front of it.

When we look at the matter from a scientific aspect we get to know that bulls cannot differentiate between colors. All types of cattle are color blind and so are the bulls. This revelation may be surprising to you but this is the real truth. Red or any other color cannot make a bull upset or aggressive. Red is the color symbolically associated with passion and aggression but here it has no role to play.

From the 1700s, muleta or the red cape was used for making a bull angry. The bulls weigh about 1800 pounds and when they charge with ferocity they can even kill a matador easily. This is not due to the color of the cape. The reason why bulls attack the matador when he waves the red cape is the movement that acts as an irritant for the big contender. Unlike the popular belief red or any other colors are not disliked by the bulls. They do not have any choice in the matter of colors. Fast moving objects get them act in an aggressive manner as they cause great annoyance to them.

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