Why Do People Commit Horrible Crimes

Why Do People Commit Horrible Crimes

Criminologists keep on evaluating the instincts of criminals to see how heinous crimes can be prevented. In order to prevent several horrible crimes from being committed, it is essential to understand the reasons behind the commitment of these crimes. Check out what makes people turn toward committing extreme-level crimes.

Gaining superiority

There are some people who do not reach their desired goals in a regular manner. Instead of sacrificing or forgetting about their goals, they might choose another way to achieve them. This is a deviated path that is away from the normal. Since they feel inferior by not achieving their desired goals, they turn toward achieving superiority through criminal ways. They want to become dangerous for others in order to gain that superiority over others. Thus, some such people get involved in committing vandalism, murders, rapes, etc.

Incorrect parenting or unhealthy upbringing

Some of the people who get involved in horrible crimes come from family backgrounds that are not strong enough to maintain the psychological balance of a personality. Improper upbringing and parenting practices can lead the person to lose social interest. When there is no affectionate or cooperative atmosphere at home, children might begin to lose their psychological balance. This may turn them away from socially acceptable behavior and force them to adopt illegal methods that seem logical to them. Thus, they do not feel hesitated by getting involved in a heinous crime.

Having control over others

There are some criminals who just go to the extremes for the sake of proving that they are smart enough to befool even the police. They believe that they would not be caught after committing a crime, and thus, dare to commit even the heinous of crimes. Their ultimate motive is to gain control over their victims who are usually weaker than they are.