Why Do Wounds Itch when They Are Healing


At some point of time in your life, you would have surely received a wound. You would have also faced its itch while it was being healed up. If you are now thinking why that wound cause you itching, then read on to find out the answer. There are several different theories to explain this process while medical experts have still been debating to pinpoint an exact reason.

Reaction of histamine

When you have a wound, your body cells are triggered to heal it by forming new tissues. These cells release a substance called histamine whenever they get a signal that your body has faced some trauma. This substance can cause an allergic reaction that you might experience in the form of itching.

Sensitivity of bodily nerves

There are some nerves under your skin that signal your brain and spinal cord about your wounds. When you receive a cut or some chemical is applied to it, these nerves are triggered to send signals to your brain. Your brain then processes and interprets these signals as an itch. You may sometimes want to scratch your wounded skin, as itching makes you do so.

Development of new skin

When new skin is being developed around wounds, it is pulled by the rough and dry scab that causes sensitivity in that area. This happens due to the stretching of new skin that leads to itching around a wound.


Another reason that is given by some experts regarding itching wounds is the dryness of skin. Even oil glands and nerves go dry when you receive a wound. Oil glands get badly affected due to a severe wound and further cause the skin to go dry too. Such dry skin causes itching on a wound that makes you feel like scratching it. However, you may get rid of it by using suitable anti-itching creams.