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Why do people cut themselves

Why do people cut themselves

There is a thin border between some so-called solutions and addiction. When an individual crosses the border and becomes addicted to the solution is a thing of mystery. Cutting is an example of this. People turn to cutting because they want a release from their anger, frustration, depression or other negative emotions. When cutting is not checked or curbed, some people become addicted to this and get so habituated that they need to do it every day for fun and excitement. Cutting is a habit that is rooted in some sort of psychological disorder or distress.

Many teenagers start cutting themselves after a severe breakup or an emotional upheaval. They use cutting as a stress buster. Severe depression also triggers cutting. We may not understand the trauma an individual is facing and they cannot speak easily about it. Cutting is their way of telling us that they need our help. Most people like to be in control of their destiny and when things don’t shape up as they wish they become frustrated. Emotional distress is something that everyone cannot handle in a matured way and this is especially true for the teenagers. They have just started learning about emotional complications and to cope they choose cutting.

Cutting is also a way through which people seek attention. It is also a way through which people manipulate others to give them the attention or love they want. Cutting can become an obsession in many and most people tend to hide the cut marks. Some believe that cutting gives them control over themselves and they can manipulate the blood flow and the amount of pain the cuts cause. It also stems from a masochistic mentality. Some people associate cutting with love. They try to show their passion for their lover by cutting their hands and inflicting pain to themselves.

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