Why do web designers use Macs

Why do web designers use Mac

Personal preferences aside, we have seen web designers showing a general inclination toward Macs in recent years – couple of decades rather. This peculiar shift, in a way, has pushed other PC’s on a fast lane to extinction if we specifically talk about their use in graphic designing and other web designing operations. However, did we ever think what makes web designers prefer Mac computers over PC’s?

Call it brand recognition since the Cupertino giant is involved here or some other viable reasons, as we will discuss in this article, the preference has definitely ignited a debate. Designers and CAD users across the world have readily adopted Apple since its first Macintosh was introduced. Owing to their intuitive software and OS, ease of use, great memory, capability for assisting graphic designs, technical drawings and handling complex data sets, Macs have always tickled the creative fancies of web designers.

Despite the fact that Windows PC’s flaunt more software than you would probably find on a Mac, designers feel more comfortable using the latter. Moreover, most companies want job applicants to be proficient in operating Macs when it comes to hiring web designers. The same criterion is applicable for freelances, amateur designers and artworkers as well.

Panic’s Coda, MacRabbit’s CSSEdit and Bare Bone’s TextWrangler are some of excellent designer Mac apps that tout ease of use and are more polished than most Windows apps. Say, for Wi-Fi connectivity, Mac is far simpler and effective than most PC’s you compare it with. Next, since Microsoft or other PC manufacturers focus more on technology, Apple products highlight design as their most important factor.

Now, if you are a web designer who prefers Windows or other PC’s by some other manufacturer, you may think Mac users as cool-hunting, arrogant technophobes, who just can’t think beyond Macs for fulfilling their design needs.