Why do people go to Queenstown


A simple trip to the region is enough to understand why Queenstown is one of the top visitor destinations in New Zealand. Offering excellent food and wine options boutique shopping and  spa treatments to indulge in, Queenstown appears like any other first world tourist spot and the town does live up to its adventure-centric fame by offering plenty of sightseeing tours walking and hiking trails and even hardcore adventure options. Here are some other options that make people visit Queenstown.

The natural wonder

The town of Queenstown sits among the dramatic ranges of the Central Otago on the shore of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu. The drama of the landscape unfolds all around the town and many would recognize the backdrop from the now famous fictional Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings series of films. Paradise Valley and rural Glenorchy are located at the northern tip of Lake Wakatipu which takes you closet to nature.

For adventure tourism

Eco-adventure tourism is really upping the ante for the adventure tourism segment that has already made New Zealand famous amongst world travelers. All year round, the town offers activities like river rafting, horse trekking and jet boating, canyon swinging, and sky diving, jumping and there’s even skiing in the winter. Zip lining over spectacular and exhilarating landscapes provides tourists with a unique thrill while hiking around the Routeburn Track, kayaking through a dramatic fiord, walking through over remote alpine passes, past mountain peaks and rainforests makes it an exhilarating experience indeed. For those that don’t want to sacrifice modern comforts, Queenstown also has a number of leisure centric adventures like taking personalized guided tours in through the South Island.

A relaxing golf weekend

With Queenstown itself, there lie a lot of golf courses including famous names like Jack’s Point Clubhouse, Kelvin Heights, Frankton Golf Course, the Hills Golf Club, Arrowtown Golf Club etc. all of which are known for their remarkable backdrops, amazing courses and relaxing environmental.