Why do people go to graduate school

graduate school

Having been through the rigors of college for a big chunk of your post-teens takes a lot out of you but for many, this is just a stepping stone for graduate school. For people who aren’t very academic to begin with, the notion may sound like a real chore but for people that are afflicted with the study bug, going to graduate school could be the beginning of a very stimulating period in their lives. We examine the number of reasons that compel people to go to graduate school.

To expand on their existing research work

A student that has majored in a research based degree could benefit immensely from going to graduate school. Not only does it build upon the academic foundation that was built up during their bachelor’s or master’s degree, it also helps students expand on existing research work.

Students believe an additional degree betters job prospects

Thanks to economic uncertainty that is fast becoming a reality for many college students, going to graduate school is more of a necessity for students that haven’t been able to secure a job after finishing their undergraduate degree. Instead of toiling away at a minimum wage internship, many students believe that using this time after getting the basic college degree in grad school could vastly improve their chances of landing a high paying job in the future.

It helps them secure a second master’s or PhD

Students looking at a career in academics need to attend graduate school to secure a second master’s degree or a PhD to be considered for a teaching position. The streamlined environment of grad school is more conducive to more focused academic efforts. Some people take a few years off after college to gain experience in their chosen field of work and return to graduate school later in life to arm themselves with more current knowledge of their field.