Why do people go to Greece


Greece has been a major tourist attraction since the dawn of mainstream tourism. While the country retains the attraction for older generations that have always wanted to go there, younger backpackers just don’t get what pull the nation has over tourists. Here are a few reasons that make people go to Greece.

To visit world-famous archaeological sites

Greece is home to some of the most valuable historical monuments in the whole world. These ancient archeological sites are world heritage sites that have preserved the essence of a bygone era. Most people have an inkling of Greece’s archeological treasures through college introductory courses and films though visiting sites like the medieval town of Mystras in the Peloponnese or Delphi and the geological rocks of Meteora in person can be a once in a lifetime kind of experience for anyone.

Explore the Greek islands

6000 plus islands make up Greece and exploring a few of them always makes a trip to the region memorable. Crete is extremely popular with tourist with its main tourist towns bustling with night life, its stunning river gorges, its snow-covered peaks and its sandy palm beaches. The yacht harbors, sheltered bays, charming villages and rocky coast lines also make exploring Greek islands very thrilling.

Get married or enjoy a honeymoon

Greece is a premium world destination for honeymooners as well as people looking for a destination wedding. From its iconic architectural sites to its famed countryside and even its pristine beaches, a Greek backdrop adds a touch of magic to a honeymoon or wedding instantly.

To enjoy Greek wine and cuisine

Greek cuisine may not get the same hype as Italian and French ones but it is equally as excellent and experiencing authentic Greek food should be high up there on the list for a culinary traveler.