Why do people go to Sweden


Sweden is one of those little gems that only world class travelers know about. Sure it doesn’t get as much international exposure as it should but the country is an idyllic escape for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of other European destinations. Here are a few reasons that explain why people go to Sweden.

Swedish summers are picture perfect

During the summers, Sweden doesn’t get as scorching as the rest of Europe though it doesn’t stay outright cold either. In fact, Swedish summers are balmy enough to make traveling around the country and indulging in water sports, adventure activities and sightseeing truly delightful. Even though the daylight hours are rather long during the summers and the climate too is rather specific from region to region, the fact that Sweden doesn’t too much rain is very conducive to holidays and trips.

It’s a traveler’s paradise

Swedish countryside is as simple and traditional as any other region in Europe. However, what makes Sweden different than any other summer destination is that it remains moderately crowded even at the height of the tourist season. In fact, a tourist can travel the length of the country by boat or a car or even fly everywhere since domestic airfares are on the cheaper side. With a fantastic tourist infrastructure, a traveler is never too far away from modern comforts though they can also escape into nature easily.

Adventure and nature tourism

Kayaking, canoeing and paddling through the archipelagoes or the canals of Stockholm, whitewater rafting in the Swedish mountains, timber-rafting on the Klarälven River, kitesurfing and windsurfing at the Malmö city beach or in the Öresund strait is perfect for a summer adventure. You can also travel up north and stay at an ice hotel, and hike through frozen waterfalls and glaciers all year round.