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Why do people go to Spain


Spain doesn’t get the same kind of hype among tourists that France and Italy do but the country is still hugely popular amongst tourist. Let’s find out what makes Spain so appealing to tourists.

Spain offers plenty of sunshine

Barring the north and northwest of the country, a major part of Spain remains showered by bountiful sunshine all year round. The central regions, Madrid and Andalucía can get very, hot in the summers though for a better part of the year, they remain amazingly balmy and perfect for soaking in the sun, paddling around at the beach, painting outdoors, golfing, hiking, cycling, cycling and sailing.

Spanish cuisine is a huge draw

Recipes and preparation for Spanish cuisine staples like tortilla and paella differ much from region to region in the country and real foodies consider sampling the local Spanish cuisine to be an integral part of a trip to Europe. The high reputation of Basque country’s cuisine and Spanish wines too is a big draw for tourists.

You can enjoy unique fiestas in the country

A central feature of Spanish life is their colorful and extravagant fiestas. entertaining and intoxicating, saints’ days and feast days are sometimes unique to individual villages, towns and cities though there are a lot of them that have gained international popularity like Buñol’s La Tomatina, Valencia’s las Fallas, Feria de Abril and Semana Santa in Sevilla and Pamplona’s bull-running.

Spanish heritage sites are amongst the most intriguing in the world

Spain’s rich history and cultural heritage remain encapsulated in architectural wonders like Bilbão’s Guggenheim museum, the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and the Alhambra in Granada. Madrid and Barcelona are renowned for their magnificent art galleries while cities like Sevilla, Girona, León, Toledo and Salamanca are simply wonderful to take a stroll in and soak in the wealth of history and culture of the nation.

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