Why Do People Like Serena Williams

Serena Williams

At the age of 32, Serena Jameka Williams is an American professional tennis star. According to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTP) rankings of tennis players, Serena is currently the World Number 1 player. In singles game, she has been ranked at the top six times. Serena Williams is a right-handed player who wins the heart of her fans by her amazing two-handed backhand shots. Along with people’s hearts, she has also won more than $50 million in prize money, which is a record for any female tennis player. She is the reigning champion at the US Open, French Open and WTA Tour Championships.

Serena Williams has millions of fans who appreciate her game and cheer her crazily. She is undoubtedly regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Among all male and female active players, Serena Williams is the one to be holding the maximum singles, doubles and mixed doubles titles. She also holds a Career Grand Slam in both doubles and singles games, while being the only player to have achieved this feat. On an all-time list, she is at the seventh place while winning 32 Grand Slams titles. Her achievements do not end here. She has various other Grand Slam records to her name.

Apart from this, Serena Williams has won four WTA Tour Championships. Along with her sister Venus Williams, she holds the record of winning a singles gold medal and three doubles gold medals at Olympics. She reflects athleticism and real power when she is on a tennis court. People love it when Serena displays her powerful serves on the tennis court. In fact, this baseline player is also appreciated by the game critics for her amazing and consistent serves. Whether it is about service returns, forehands, backhand swings or groundstrokes, Serena Williams is just perfect at everything. She is not merely a player but a star that twinkles in the eyes of all her fans.