Why Do People Like F1 Racing


You would have seen people who are very addicted to Formula 1 (F1) racing championships. Have you wondered why they do so? Read on to know some of the major reasons behind this love and craziness of people for F1 racing.


Some people like F1 racing, as there are altered strategies in this game every year. They love the amazing infrastructure and strategies used to design the game. Even the participating drivers and carmakers have to change their ways with each changing strategy.


People also like the pomp and show of F1 racing. Ranging from the colorful and fitted driver suits to the personalized way of driving, there is style involved in almost every bit of this game. People like to see the real personalities of young F1 drivers that are reflected clearly though this game of racing.

Global Appeal

Since F1 racing is popular across the world, people get more attracted to its international appeal. They get a chance to be a part of the global audience that speaks different languages and displays unique cultural experiences. Some people find it valuable to enjoy the company of others from abroad, while enjoying the action-oriented F1 racing game.

Technology and Speed

F1 racing shows the latest automobile technologies from the world’s best car manufacturers. Some of the world’s best drivers and engineers are involved in making these races full of action and speed. People interesting in knowing about these technologies develop an obvious liking for F1 racing. People also want to see the driving skills and techniques of participating drivers that make them go on all types of tracks and maintain their balance at top speeds.

Thus, F1 racing is not only a twist and turn of tracks, but also a mix of speed, action, technology and style that can appeal anybody without a consideration of their nationality and gaming culture.