Why Do So Many People think black people Are Racist

black people Are Racist

Of late, a lot of people have begun complaining that black people are racist. We examine the possible reasons for such a belief.

Minorities stick to their culture more strongly

Black people, at least in countries where Caucasian populations are in majority, consider themselves an oppressed minority. And like all minorities, they tend to stick to their particular culture, language and behaviors to distinguish themselves from people of other races. At times, these culture-specific behaviors may be so pronounced that they may appear to be racist to a person of another race.

Whites do not remember the history of abuse they subjects minorities to

A white person who in around 25-30 in a country like the US today may not remember what forms of cruelty and oppression black people in their country have had to face through American history. Hence, they do not understand the gravity of the sense of anger that black people feel when they are reminded about the history of their race in the country. At times, this sense of anger from blacks is misinterpreted by people of other races, especially whites, as racism.

Black people are as racist as other races

Throughout the world, people of African origins have faced abuse and oppression. However, in the modern world where world governments largely offer people of different racial groups the same rights as others, a unique new problem has arisen. Black people, no longer racially discriminated against, are being noted to be racially biased against other races as well. While there is no real way of ascertaining whether black people are really racists or not, there can be no denying that the paranoia in the general public about being politically correct all the time makes normal comments and behaviors from blacks towards people of other races as being racist.