Why do you get better fuel efficiency on the highway

Fuel economy

You might have noticed that your car offers more fuel efficiency on the highway in comparison to the city driving. Did you ever stop and pondered over the question and tried to find out the answer. If you, somehow, didn’t get the answer, the following thing might help you find the answer to this otherwise simple question.

Straight road

Highways are usually straight roads with little or no afflictions whatsoever. Hence, your car runs in the light gears constantly. This means, the fuel consumption is minimum, provided you don’t put your foot heavily on the throttle. This will surely make your engine burn less fuel in comparison to city driving.

Steady speed

If the road is straight, you use the light-gears and you if you don’t unnecessarily increase or decrease the speed, the fuel economy is bound to increase. If your foot is static on the accelerator and you drive, let’s say, at 60mph instead of 70mph, you will surely save 2-4 miles per gallon even when on small trip. Additionally, prefer using cruise control as it will help you keep your speed constant.

Less starts, stops         

When you drive on city lanes, you have to stop your car at red lights, need to brake constantly to get over the hurdles like pedestrian and speed bumpers and you surely drive in heavy gears. All these things lead to too many stops and starts, which asks you to brake and drive recurrently in heavy gears. This simply means your engine will consume more fuel. However, this isn’t the case when you drive on the highways. Here, you drive in light gears, need not to brake and start too often. On the top of this, if you maintain a constant speed your fuel economy is bound to increase always. The aforementioned reasons enable your car to perform better on the highway.