Why do teens get pregnant

Why do teens get pregnant

Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem across the world. Teenage pregnancy is not good for girls (and their boyfriends); since their bodies and minds are not mature enough to handle the stress of pregnancy, delivery and raising the baby. Still teenage girls get pregnant.

The reasons behind teenage pregnancy are many. First and foremost is the growing attraction towards opposite sex and a propensity towards exploring sexuality during teenage years. As kids step their feet in teenage years, they begin to get attracted towards people of opposite sex and also get increasingly curious about sex. This curiosity in absence of right information gives way to experimentation with sex which leads to pregnancy.

Another reason behind teenage pregnancy is lack of access to contraceptive methods. The teenagers want to experiment with sex and in absence of access to birth control methods they give it a try with half baked ideas about contraception. Like withdrawal method is a good contraceptive, girls do not get pregnant during periods and immediately after menstrual periods (which does not happen always) and so on.

In addition, half baked ideas about the concept of love cause teenage pregnancy. Teenagers begin to think of attraction for opposite sex as love and in the whim to live life together want to create babies as a proof of their bond. Sadly enough, that leads to break ups in the very first year of their relationship (as the data suggests).

Lack of services for medical termination of pregnancies for teenage girls makes it compulsory for them to continue with the pregnancy.

Right information about sex and sexuality imparted in non judgmental way and access to contraceptive methods, along with provision of  adolescent reproductive health services can help lower down incidence of teenage pregnancies and save lives of thousands of teenage girls who die due to complications of pregnancy.