Why do kids bully

Why do kids bully

Before we address the issue of kid’s bullying, we need to understand one bottom-line that cuts across all issues regarding kid’s behavior. Kids do what they learn from their environment. Kid’s propensity to bully others is no exception.

There is no one factor which makes the kids learn bullying. It can be a combination of several factors.  If in the family of the kid, there is lack of warmth and affection among family members or the parents keep fighting in front of kids then it can lead to bullying among kids. On the other hands, if the parents are too liberal with the kid and do not impose any kind of discipline on the kid then the kid also develops bullying behavior. And if parents are too harsh with their discipline then kids also develop a tendency towards bullying others.

In peer group, if there are other kids who bully others then the kids quickly learn that behavior. Likewise, if there is someone in the peer group who harbors positive attitude towards violence then other kids also learn from him. Some children take resort to bullying behavior to digress people from their low social strata which may reflect in their lifestyle.

Bullying behaviors are rampant everywhere in our society, right from family to video games to serials and films. Children very quickly make these bullying people their role model and copy them. Bullying also flourishes in schools when there is no supervision done during lenient periods like lunch break, in the bathrooms, during games, etc.

For some children, bullying is a simple way to secure attention, pose themselves as powerful in the peer group and make friends. It is very important to tell kids that bullying is not good for their and other’s development right at the beginning.