Why Do Thai Girls Love Western Men

Why Do Thai Girls Love Western Men

You may have heard about many Thai girls marrying Western men every year. Why is it that so many Thai girls and Western men are tying together? Well, there are some reasons behind this special liking of Thai girls for Western men.

For being more caring

Thai girls often feel that Thai boys do not pay them enough attention or care for them. They prefer Western men who are much more caring toward them.

For being loyal and reliable

Thai girls feel that Western men are more reliable than Thai men who are less loyal toward their wives. Thai men are believed to be more casual about maintaining multiple relationships and sleeping around with prostitutes. However, Thai girls fee that Western men are more loyal and can offer them a secure future. They feel insecure and worthless with Thai men.

For long-term commitment

It is quite customary for Thai men to keep a mistress when they become stable in their careers or reach middle age. Many Thai men pamper young girls using their money and status, while their wives sit at home and take care of children. Thus, Thai women become uncomfortable with such a life situation. That is the reason many Thai girls prefer to choose Western men who are more reliable and committed in their long-term relationships.

For financial security

Life in Thailand is tough, especially when it comes to family finances and social security. While Thai men may not be able to give a financially secure future to Thai girls, stable Western men can ensure the same. This feeling of a financially secure future makes Thai girls fall in love with Westerners.

For more involvement

Thai men do not remain involved in family work most of the times. They are not brought up to offer help at home. On the other hand, Western men like to help their partners with routine tasks and children’s upbringing. Thus, Thai girls appreciate this fact and feel more attracted to Westerners.