Why do we celebrate safety day


On April 28 each year, the International Labor Organization celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. However, the day isn’t as well known as May Day or the International Workers’ Day which celebrates international labor movement. That being said, the International Safety Day is quite crucial for workers and even serves to bring their rights and issues to the fore. Here are some of the most prominent reasons behind the celebration of Safety Day.

It commemorates workers who have died or have been injured in occupational accidents

April 28, or World Day for Safety and Health at Work also coincides with the International Commemoration Day for Dead and injured Workers marked by ILO. Commemoration Day is celebrated to honor workers that have died because of workplace accidents or those that have been left injured by them. Celebrations of the two events helps trade unions around the world highlight the importance of creating adequate safety measures in the workplace and how injuries and fatalities due to occupational hazards can be reduced.

It helps bring workers’ safety issue to the forefront

The ILO is committed to promoting a health and safety culture to workers around the globe and it is able to highlight the work done through the Global Strategy on Occupational Safety and Health and its agenda for the coming year on April 28 each year. By observing World Day for Safety and Health at Work, safety and health practitioners, employers’ organizations, trade unions, national and world authorities organize activities that help highlight safety measures for workers. Each year, Safety Day is given a particular theme which explores a key area in which significance improvements have been made at the policy level or in which changes are needed to promote safety, health and welfare of workers.