Why do we celebrate science day


Every year, Science Day is observed by U.N. agencies and at national and state level agencies around the world. Most people remember science day as being that day in the school calendar when a science fair was organized, when they had a seminar or presentation about great scientists of the past or when they were taken on a field trip to a local science museum. However, the reason for celebrating science day is deeper than that. Here are a few reasons why science day is celebrated around the world.

To commemorate the life and work of great scientists

Can you imagine what the world had been like if Thomas Edison hadn’t invented the light bulb or if ancient mathematicians hadn’t left us with all the means to scientifically understand our world? The world as we know it today exists because innovators and scientists in the past devoted their entire lives to research, innovation and development of technologies. And science days around the world are just a means to help commemorate the lives, works and contributions of great scientists to human civilization.

To help younger generations understand the importance of science

We live in a world where kids learn to use the internet before they learn the basics of the technology that enables the use of these devices. Needless to say, a vast majority of them are indifferent to science and some of them even believe that it isn’t a subject that they should waste their time and energy studying. However, by celebrating Science Day, schools and other agencies can help younger generations understand just how crucial science is and has been to the development of human society.

To foster the spirit of scientific collaboration around the world

Through science day celebrations, researchers, universities and scientists around the world are able to foster the spirit of scientific collaboration, promote the cause of science and honor scientists that are achieving breakthroughs today.