Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day


If you ask anyone around the world the date on which Valentine’s Day falls and the chances of you getting a wrong answer would be one in millions. In fact, the very concept of celebrating Valentine’s Day has become so engrained in modern society that no one really even knows that the day is named after a Christian saint who most probably didn’t use the day to buy his wife flowers and chocolate in the hopes of getting lucky on that particular date in midwinter! That being said, there are a lot of motivations that make people celebrate V-Day.

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Why do we celebrate women’s history month

women's history month

The average 20 year old today may not understand why women’s history month is so hyped but if you asked anyone aged 30 or more years today, they would tell you that women and girls did not enjoy the same rights and liberties two or more decades ago as they do now. Here are some other reasons why women’s history month is celebrated and why it is important.

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Why do we celebrate children’s day

children's day

Most countries around the world today celebrate a national children’s day. While these country-level celebrations usually honor a national icon who has contributed to the well-being of children in the country, the United Nations too has set aside a specific day to celebrate the children of the world.

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Why do we celebrate youth day


Youth Day is celebrated in South Africa every year on June 16. Also called National Youth Day, the day marks nation-wide celebration and programs around the country. While many people may have heard about the day and the celebrations that accompany it, not many are aware of the reasons behind the celebration of the day. Here is all you need to know about South Africa’s National Youth Day.

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Why do we celebrate science day


Every year, Science Day is observed by U.N. agencies and at national and state level agencies around the world. Most people remember science day as being that day in the school calendar when a science fair was organized, when they had a seminar or presentation about great scientists of the past or when they were taken on a field trip to a local science museum. However, the reason for celebrating science day is deeper than that. Here are a few reasons why science day is celebrated around the world.

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Why do we celebrate safety day


On April 28 each year, the International Labor Organization celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. However, the day isn’t as well known as May Day or the International Workers’ Day which celebrates international labor movement. That being said, the International Safety Day is quite crucial for workers and even serves to bring their rights and issues to the fore. Here are some of the most prominent reasons behind the celebration of Safety Day.

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