Why Do We Love to Have Sex at Night

Sex at night

Although human sexual activity can take place at any time of the day, most people prefer to have sex at night. There are various reasons behind this fact according to studies done on both males and females. Some of the common reasons based on human biology and cited by most of these people include the following.

To gain privacy

Humans are bound by various social and cultural factors, especially when they like to get cozy with each other. Physical intimacy is frowned upon by many societies when you are in public. You cannot get physically intimate with your mate at just any place. Thus, people mostly look for a time and place when they are away from the public eye. That is why they go between the sheets at night when other people do not interfere in their privacy.

For more convenience

It is not convenient for couples to have sex or take out time for it while being involved in daily routine activities. They usually feel more sexual at night, as there is ease and convenience to have sex at night. Most of the activities are over by that time and they are already in bed. Thus, they find the nighttime more relaxing.

Due to the availability of partner

Many people also state the reason that their partners are only available at night or they get home at night to be with their partner. Thus, night is usually a common time when they are lying on bed together. Thus, it is the only time they can get physically intimate with their partner.

Due to busy work schedule

There are many couples who are working during the day and only find time for each other at night. Even if one of the partners is spending a long day at work, then they only get together at night. Thus, it is the only preferred time for them to have sex.