Why Do Arms Get Fat

Why Do Arms Get Fat

People usually experience a bulking up of arms, as fat get stored in their arm muscles. There are various reasons due to which your arms may get fat. Check out some of the common reasons for fat getting stored in arms and their surrounding areas.

Excess calorie intake

Your daily requirement of calories majorly depends on how much work you do. If you are doing less work and eating more food than is required by your body, it will leave more calories unburned in your body. Your body only burns the number of calories sufficient for your work. The rest of these calories are converted into fat that is further deposited in your body. This surplus fat can be deposited in any of your body parts, including your arms. Thus, excessive eating is a major cause of arms getting fat.

Eating unhealthy

If your food is full of items that give out fats and carbohydrates, then you are more likely to get fatter. This is because fats and carbohydrates are energy components of your food that provide maximum number of calories to your body. In unhealthy and oily food items, the fat content is more than fruits and vegetables. Additionally, such junk foods contain unhealthy fats that are harmful for your body. When more fat-providing food is consumed, there are more chances of your body and arms getting fatter. Eating healthy foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals can actually reduce the fat content in your body.

Lack of exercise

Not giving proper exercise to your body can also lead to fatter body parts, including fat arms. Although proper exercise may not just target your arms, it can at least bring you in a calorie-deficit state where your body starts burning extra calories. Burning more calories will slowly take off fat from all your body parts and your arms will also go slimmer.