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Why do we need to save water

Why do we need to save water

In childhood we read in our geography books that three fourth of our earth consists of water bodies. We live on the one fourth that is left. Though there is so much water out there we can barely use 1% of it for drinking, bathing, cultivation and industrial work. This is because the amount of fresh water compared to the total amount of water on earth is negligible. Most of the water bodies consist of saline water which we cannot drink or use for different daily purposes. Most of us have been blessed to have water at our beck and call but there are millions of people for whom fresh and clean drinking or bathing water is a privilege.

With scarce water resources and increasing population pressure we all have to be more cautious about the amount of water we spend. Spending water recklessly will only increase your water bills and decrease the chances of survival for our next generations. Water pollution and constant use of the water resources have made people conscious regarding the necessity of conserving water. The basic agenda is to stop the wastage of water. Often we leave the tap running or let the leaky tab drip for weeks before getting a plumber to fix it.

Just having water is not enough. We need clean and drinkable water which doesn’t make us or our kids fall sick. We need water every day for numerous vital purposes but the most important is probably the physical need we have. If not immediately given priority our expenditure on water will go up and the chances of getting clean water will go down. Water conservation is our duty as inhabitants of the earth and none of us should overlook it. Let us remember that there are people who do not get a clean glass of water every day.

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