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Why do we waste food

Why do we waste food

According to an estimate by Institute of Mechanical Engineers, UK, around 50% of the food produced across the globe never reaches a human stomach and ends up in waste bins. This kind of wastage is massive and unethical, considering the fact that millions of people in several countries end up sleeping without food and their children are severely malnourished. Now the question arises why do we waste so much food?

The sad fact is that people are not sensitive towards this issue. Usually people are not aware about the sad implications of wasting food. Many people are so fond of eating that they keep cooking food and storing the leftovers in the fridge. Then one fine day, they find all the leftovers stale and do not hesitate in throwing all the food in the waste bin. There are others who do not mind leaving food in their plates because either they had served themselves more than required or they did not like the food and left it to rot in the waste bins.

There is another species of foodies that take pride in calling themselves foodie and throw away anything which they don’t find tasty. But all this wastage is very miniscule when compared to the wastage done by government agencies that stock grain on account of reckless behavior, by supermarkets that reject vast quantity of foods on account of their physical appearance and people who waste lots of food while organizing mass scale parties like weddings, etc.

It is important to sensitize people about not wasting food and making them aware about the fact that lot of water is required for growing vegetables and grains and far more water is required for producing meat, hence wasting food is unethical on all grounds and should be avoided.

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