Why Do Scientists Swear By Mathematics


It is tough to swear by a complex subject like mathematics. Then, why is it that scientists swear by it? Well, there could be several reasons behind it, with the most important being the overlapping concerns and solutions of mathematics and science. In fact, mathematics is considered by some as the science of order and structure that has been based on concepts like measurement, geometry and counting. Mathematics talks about logical consistency and so does science in its concepts. The mathematical arena emerged as a language of nature, while nature depends back on mathematics for precision.

Whether it is physics or biological sciences, mathematics is used in almost all branches of science. There are various equations in a variety of scientific theories that gain their solutions from mathematics. The innovative technological solutions required in varied sciences also gain momentum from mathematics. There have been unlimited problems in physics analyzed and solved using mathematical concepts. Whether one is a rocket scientist or an environmental scientist, they cannot go ahead with the analysis of their collected data without mathematics. Thus, mathematics is a great support backing a large number of scientific theories and concepts.

Though mathematics is an independent field of study, it has the capability to backup various other streams of study. It assists us in the understanding and exploration of different types of real life situations. One can explore the science behind a variety of problems if they possess an in-depth understanding of mathematics. Science could study various aspects of nature, as it used mathematics to understand the nature’s algebra and geometry. As the simplest example, Newton’s laws could be simplified only by relying on algebra and geometry. Science is the study of nature’s operations and that is only possible if scientists swear by mathematics. Thus, it is not unusual for them to do the same.