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Why do brand matters

Why do brand matters

The aim of every business is to establish its own brand through marketing and advertisements. But those are not the only things which help a brand shine among a crowd of many. The production and packaging also matter and so does the usefulness or problem solving capabilities of the particular products the brand is representing. When we think of McDonald’s the first thing that comes to mind is a happy, family meal we can enjoy at one of their outlets. When we think of Apple instantaneously the logo of a bitten apple comes to our mind. Brand is crucial because it helps a business create its own niche and a distinct identity.

In today’s world people have become very brand conscious. For example if two companies are offering similar products with great features. One of them is an internationally famous brand and owning its products is considered prestigious and the other is not so famous. If even the non-famous company offers the product at a much lower price, most people would buy the product from the famous brand. This is because a good brand identity is related directly with trust and customer loyalty. We would like to possess a product that we believe in and not the one which is simply economical.

The brand awareness helps a company or business spread their market and reaches out to more people easily. A brand is often associated with certain qualities and we select and buy products according to the adjectives we can relate to a certain brand. Brands also help in targeting a part of the crowd more effectively. Every product has a target audience. Branding helps the total marketing campaign focus on a particular target audience so that they can identify themselves with the brand. Brands have become entwined with our personalities and style statement. Just owning something is not enough. Today people are more interested in owning the brands that goes with their personality.

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