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Why do we need minerals in our foods

Why do we need minerals in our foods

Minerals are one of the gifts that nature has blessed us with. Our body requires consuming minerals because it cannot synthesize the minerals that nature produces. We can take mineral supplements but it is always better to eat food that is rich in different minerals. The plants get minerals from the sap of soil. They suck the minerals along with the water through their root hair and produce starch with it. We get minerals from eating vegetables and fruits or from the animal meat. Even eating fish supplies our body with minerals because they consume minerals from the saline water.

Among the different natural minerals we need to consume calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphate and magnesium in larger quantities compared to other minerals. This is because these minerals are needed to make bones and other vital functions. Calcium is found in milk and egg and is very necessary for the growth and development of bones. Sodium is consumed along with table salt and through vegetables. It helps our brain function fast and helps in the osmosis of body cells. Phosphate is necessary for preparing the protoplasm which is the main ingredient of our living body cells.

To stabilize the glucose levels in our body and for maintaining the coordination between the nerve cells we need right amount of minerals. The requirement of minerals varies but we cannot deny that we need it. Minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium turn into charged ions that carry different message from one cell to another. The mineral selenium is used by the cells for protecting and repairing the cell wall. Zinc is another vital mineral that helps in body development and rejuvenates damaged tissues. Copper is used by the body for building bones and using another vital mineral iron. Every mineral has a distinct and irreplaceable function. We need them all and food is the best source of minerals.

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