Why do people attend events


Attending events has become a very common part of our lives today. Even with the world today being filled with the news media and social media covering every event minutely, thousands of people still flock to events to be a part of them. So why do people attend events? Let’s find out.

For the experience

There are all kinds of events in the world. There are business events, there are industry events, there are entertainment events and there are sporting events. One of the major motivations for people to get to these events and to pay to get into a venue hosting an event is that each event represents an experience. Industry events are geared towards promoting insider knowledge and trade secrets while entertainment and sporting events provide people with the chance to experience a live performance from their favorite artists or athletes.

For business

Most events are organized today to serve as a convention where people working in the industry can get together, network and talk business as well. Events like the Comic-Con serve as a meeting place for comic book fans, sellers, merchandisers, comic book writers, developers and promoters etc. all of whom can interact with each other within the designated space.

To experience a special presentation

Most events have a presentation that is open only to invitees. Events like concerts, seminars, workshops and auto/fashion shows etc. are often not broadcasted which means that one can only experience it if one visits it in person.