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Why do people go to America


Around the world, people believe that everyone in America has a nice job and lives in a large, 4-bedroom house fitted with the most modern luxuries and a white picket fence that overlooks an idyllic and peaceful street. Even though that really isn’t true, millions flock to America each year. We examine the reason that makes people go to America.

They want to live the American dream

The entire concept of the American dream is interpreted it out of the world “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as mentioned in the United States Declaration of Independence. The promise of civil freedom and freedom to pursue upwards mobility irrespective of social class is deeply engrained in the national ethos of the country and serves as a major attraction to people from other cultures.

It is an aggressively capitalistic society

America is dubbed “the land of opportunity” simply because it is an out and out capitalistic society with a very marginal public sector. This means that the private sector thrives more easily than it does in more socialistic or mixed economies. Given the economy’s consumerist bent of mind, all kinds of products and services find buyers and hence, almost any kind of business can do well and make its owner rich. Or at least that is what people from other parts of the world like to believe.

It is a nation of immigrants

America essentially doesn’t “belong” to any particular race of people. Even though it was a former British colony, Americans do not attach too much significance to their historic roots and anyone who is an American is essentially an American and their cultural and ancestral roots have little bearing on their identity after a point. Unlike other nations in the Americas, the United States of America (which has inaccurately assumed the moniker “America” as a matter of self-righteousness over time)

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