Why do people go to Amsterdam


We can’t say with any certainly when it came to be so, but sometime in the last two decades, Amsterdam went from being a regular old European capital city to an essential stop on the backpacker’s itinerary. While there are several sane reasons that prompt people to visit the city like work or a sporting event, there are plenty of darker ulterior motives too. We find out what makes people go to Amsterdam.

For the pot

Amsterdam really became the Mecca for hard partiers after the government of the country decided to decriminalize cannabis use. The drug had been popular with recreational users who obtained them through illegal means or through peddler at nightclubs. However, the government decided to lift the ban on the sale and use of cannabis in the early 2000s and made it legal for users to carry as much as 8grams of the stuff on their person or to simply sit in a café that was licensed to sell it and smoke away through the day!

For the sex shops

If you are the kind of tourist that finds legal pot too depressing, then the city of Amsterdam also has a number of other entertainment options that like its numerous sex shops! These sex shops sell every kind of sex toy that currently exists on the planet and most of them even offer, er, training services to help you to understand the use of these, er, instruments!

For the sights

While many people would tell you they visit Amsterdam for the sights, its common knowledge that they don’t even remember the name or shape or a single building from the city when they come back. But that doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t boast of a rich culture. In fact, Amsterdam is famous around the world for its architectural offerings, both modern as well as historical.