Why do people go to Antarctica


If you look at a map of the world, you know that we have a continent called Antarctica located at the extreme south of the planet. But the continent simply does not feature on any tourist maps given how it isn’t ideal for a spring break or summer vacay. However, plenty of people still make the high risk journey to the continent and we try to find out what drives them to make the trip.

To get to the South Pole

The South Pole is located dam smack in the middle of Antarctica. Since traveling to the poles has always been high on the list of adventurers, people routinely make the difficult down to the continent to get to the magnetic southern pole of the planet.

For scientific exploration

Given how Antarctica isn’t a great place to live in, it is not really surprising that the entire continent houses a heck lot of scientists. Virtually every major superpower in the world has a scientific base set up in Antarctica and these men and women routinely brave the otherworldly conditions to study the origins of the planet and its unique surface. In fact, it is through the contribution of these men and women that we are able to learn strange and mysterious facts about our planet and its functioning which enables us to understand the forces of weather better today.

To see an untamed landscape

By any stretch of eth imagination, the barren and harsh wasteland that is Antarctica is one of the most hostile and inhospitable places on earth. The entire continent is covered with a miles thick ice sheet and the average summer temperature stays below −57°C even on the sunniest day. And that is precisely what makes it so fascinating to adventurers. Even though most people don’t venture into the mainland, a trip into the freezing waters surrounding the frozen continent is sufficiently thrilling.