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Why do people go to the gym


For people that lead a sedentary lifestyle, getting around 30 minutes of experience every day is recommended by most health experts. A good way to accomplish this is to go to the gym every day. Even if you can manage to go to the gym every other day for a 60 minute session, it would allow you to reap immense health benefits in the long run. Here are a few benefits of going to the gym.

It keeps one’s weight under control

Unless you are seriously negligent about your diet, going to the gym everyday or even a few days a week can help you successfully keep your weight under control. Even a moderate 40-minute session at the gym is enough to help you lose between 300-400 calories and expending roughly 3,500 calories can help you shed a pound in due course. The time you spend at the gym and in commuting to and from there also help you keep urges to mindlessly snack under control as well.

It boosts heart, muscle and bone health

Even if one performs a limited set of exercises each day at the gym, it helps them keep their entire body in a good shape. Even a basic regimen comprising of moderate cardio exercise and very basic weights training is sufficient to keep ones heart, muscles and bones in good working condition.  Depending on the health targets that you have set for yourself, going to the gym daily may also help you strengthen specific parts of your body.

Going to the gym also has mental health benefits

When one goes to the gym every day, they are less likely to feel that they don’t get enough me time in their schedule. Coming into contact with other people for a set period of time every day also curbs anxiety and feelings of depression and social isolation.


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