Why do people think about suicide

people think about suicide

Nearly everyone in the world has thoughts of suicide at one point in life or the other. While not all of us go through with it, some people think and talk about suicide so much that it leaves people around them very concerned. We examine some of the leading causes behind thoughts of suicide.

Clinical depression

Also known as major depressive disorder, clinical depression is biologically marked by a drop the levels of neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin in the body. In the absence of these happiness stimulating hormones, people are struck with morbid thoughts including thoughts of suicide.


Thoughts of suicide are undoubtedly an indication of desperation in a person. While attempted suicide is believed to be a cry for help, thoughts about killing oneself can actually be rather cathartic for someone dealing with depression as it may help them imagine what killing themselves would be like and what kind of repercussions it would have on those closest to them.


A lot of people contemplate suicide in their head when they are struggling in a personal relationship. In such a situation, the thought of suicide is more of an attack on the person causing their displeasure rather than a real need to end life. In such a situation, the thought of suicide is a way in which the person believes they would be able to hurt another person.

Influence of pop culture

Throughout history, pop culture has portrayed suicide not as a criminal or cowardly act but as a sentimentally noble one where either a sensitive soul chooses suicide as a way to escape the cruelty of the world or as a noble sacrifice made for the betterment of others. Some of the greatest pop icons of all time have also committed suicide which makes the act look a lot more glorified and glamorous than it really is.