Why do people think math is the most valuable school subject

math is the most valuable school subject

Mathematics, for those that aren’t good at it, is a terribly terrifying subject for most people while more people consider humanities and languages relatively easier subjects at school. We examine some of the other reasons behind the belief that math is the most valuable subject taught at schools.

Most parents are bad at math

For parents, helping kids out with languages and humanities subjects like history etc. is easier than helping them out with math. Since most parents aren’t good at math themselves, they automatically assume that it is the most valuable subject in school curriculum. Some people even seek math tutors for their kids while others send them to pricey after-school coaching classes to ensure good grades in the subject.

Math isn’t subjective

One aspect of math that makes it special is the fact that it isn’t subjective at all. There are very specific rules that govern the subject. For a student, this means that they HAVE to understand all the rules and stick to them to get good grades. If a student doesn’t understand how to solve an equation, he cannot creatively invent a solution to a given math problem. Remembering so many rules through one’s entire time in school is difficult and this level of difficulty makes it appear more valuable than any other subject taught in school.

Missing even one topic in the subject will hamper progress

Math is one of those subjects that cannot be understood if a student misses even a single topic taught during a school year. Not understanding even a single topic (e.g., fractions) means that an individual cannot progress to learning higher levels in a math course at all. This is essence means that a student needs to have a good understanding of all basic components of the subjects to be able to understand and solve higher level equations.