Why do people think Obamacare is bad


Before the federal government shutdown happened, Obamacare was the biggest talking point for the average American citizen. While the government is pushing ahead with its ambitious social welfare plan, the citizens aren’t as enthusiastic about it. We examine the reasons why people think Obamacare is bad.

Economic slump

One of the biggest reasons why people think that Obama care is bad is because it is basically asking individuals and businesses to pay for health insurance mandatorily. Not getting healthcare insurance gets people fined, often heavily. Since the rich-poor gap in America is wider than anywhere else in the first world, the sheer number of people for whom paying for healthcare insurance is difficult is larger.

No healthcare without insurance

At the moment, nearly half of all Americans, almost 150 million people are in a position where having healthcare means having to rethink the family budget. Since Obamacare basically ties access to healthcare with insurance, it makes is near impossible for people who cannot afford insurance to get medical care.

People don’t trust banks and insurers anymore

As recently as 2008, the whole wide world plunged into an economic recession when the American economy began feeling the heat from the gambles made by its capitalist banks. The segment of American society that was the hardest hit by this recession was people that were coaxed into getting home loans. Millions of people lost their life savings and their homes during that time. This has made the average American very wary of insurers and having a big portion of their income tied up in health insurance.

Insurers refuse coverage often

Health insurers in the US have become notorious for refusing to provide coverage to people with specific ailments or only offering them very expensive coverage. Near-mandatory health insurance thus aggravates financial worries for people who are refused coverage by insurers.